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Luke Pelosi

Luke Pelosi, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Luke has been our Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since October 2018. Luke joined GFL as Director, Mergers & Acquisitions in January 2015 and became Executive Vice President, Corporate Development in October 2016. Luke was also appointed interim Chief Financial Officer in January 2017. Luke held the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer until October 10, 2018, during which time Luke worked with Mr. Dovigi on the development and execution of our acquisition strategy. Luke has 17 years of financial management experience with a focus on financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate finance. Prior to joining GFL, Luke was a Director in the M&A Advisory group of KPMG LLP where he provided due diligence services to Canadian private equity market investors. Prior to that, Luke worked in KPMG’s Complex Accounting group. Luke is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Concordia University.