Sustainability is fundamental to GFL. We strive to provide accessible, cost-effective environmental solutions to our customers and the communities we service to allow them to be Green for Life. Aligned with this purpose, we have made significant investments in new technology and in the innovation of existing management and operating processes. These investments reflect our commitment to providing sustainable environmental solutions and are also value-enhancing initiatives for our business. Examples of these investments include:

  • Organics facilities that recycle organic waste to produce a high-quality compost product, fertilizers and other soil supplements. By providing a commercially-viable environmental solution, communities are able to help reduce their overall greenhouse gas footprint by keeping organic waste out of landfills.
  • Landfill gas-to-energy facilities that capture landfill gas and convert it into a renewable source of electricity for households and commercial establishments.
  • Incorporation of CNG vehicles into a portion of our solid waste collection fleet. CNG emits less greenhouse gas and contaminants per kilometre than traditional diesel fuel.
  • Soil remediation facilities that remediate contaminated soils otherwise destined for landfill disposal for reuse in construction and development projects. The use of soil remediation facilities not only reduces construction costs but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from trucking by supporting the beneficial reuse of soils.
  • A re-refinery which will recycle UMO from passenger and commercial vehicles into marine diesel fuels. By displacing virgin fuels, environmental impacts from resource extraction are avoided.

Our goal is to be recognized as a leader in driving sustainable solutions. In support of this initiative, GFL is developing a three-year plan to further identify and embed sustainable management initiatives into our operations. We strive to continuously enhance our management systems and strengthen our team with individuals that are empowered to identify and implement sustainable environmental solutions that enhance our return on capital, drive growth, and to continuously improve:

  • employee and community engagement,
  • environmental responsibility,
  • health and safety, and
  • diversity in our workplace.
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Our corporate social responsibility measures include: a Safe for Life commitment, which focuses all employees and contractors on a path to achieving a best in industry total recordable incident rate; a Women in Waste program, a diversity strategy aimed at increasing participation of women in GFL’s hourly workforce; and the Full Circle Project, which allows GFL’s customers to identify charitable categories for our annual giving commitment and encourages employee participation to support local charities in customer‑identified categories.